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1989 Texas Partial Differential Equations Seminar
University of Houston.

    Saturday April 8, 1989. (In order of presentation).
  • C. Cosner: Univ. of Miami; Elliptic spectral theory & reaction diffusion models.
  • J. G. Dix: Southwest Texas State Univ.; Equilibria of isotropic hyperelastic materials.
  • A. Kurepa: Texas Christian Univ.; Radial solutions and critical exponents.
  • I. Bakelman: Texas A&M Univ.; Variational problems and eigenvalues of the Hessian.
  • G. J. Fix: Univ. of Texas at Arlington; The rotating beam equations.
  • H. Warchall: Univ. of North Texas; Wave propagation at domain boundaries.
  • H. D. Victory: Texas Tech Univ.; The Vlasov-Fokker-Planck equation.
  • R. Kannan: Univ. of Texas atArlington; Nonlinear forced vibrations of elastic strings.
  • R. Dorroh: Louisiana State Univ.; Change of variable for limit solutions.
  • G. Rieder: Louisiana State Univ.; A quasilinear parabolic problem.
  • H. Zhang: Univ. of Texas at Austin; A degenerate nonlinear diffusion problem.
  • C. Y. Lin: Texas A&M; Semigroup methods for degenerate parabolic equations.

    Sunday April 9, 1989.

  • D. Wei: Univ. of New Orleans; A nonlinear dam problem.
  • N. J. Walkington: Univ. of Texas at Austin; Diffusion of fluids in fractured media.
  • S. London: Univ. of Houston, Downtown; Mean flow in the earths outer core.
  • I. Ali: Univ. of North Texas; A priori estimates for positive solutions.
  • A. Castro: Univ. of North Texas; Existence for superlinear dirichlet problems.
  • S. A. Fulling: Texas A&M Univ.; Computational asymptotics of fourth order operators.
  • R. Sanders: Univ. of Houston; Singular perturbation for a nonlinear Neumann.
  • J. Morgan: Texas A&M; ...
  • J. Zhou: Texas A&M Univ.; Shape control and the boundary element method.
  • X. Xu: Texas A&M; A paraboic free boundary problem.
  • W. W. Farr: Univ. of Houston; Rotating chemical waves in the Grey-Scott model.