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About the Department

Dr. Susan Morey


Welcome to the Department of Mathematics. We are a large and highly active department in the College of Science and Engineering. We have a wide offering of general education courses, courses designed to prepare you to major in Business and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. We offer undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, with or without teacher certification; master’s degrees in Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Applied Mathematics, and Master’s of Teacher Education; and a doctoral degree in Mathematics Education. With over 12,500 students enrolled in over 315 course sections, we offer something for everyone.

If you are looking to experience mathematics outside the classroom, we host an active Math Club and a Pi Mu Epsilon chapter, a Putnam competition group, or come join us for our fantastic, fun, first Friday’s. We start with Problem Solver’s group, which is designed to involve students and faculty at all levels, then move on to Talk Math 2 Me, which is a seminar for students, by students. Next come several research seminars; Discrete Mathematics, Mathematics Education, and Applied Mathematics, Topology, Algebra/Combinatorics and Teaching Statistics, and every other week we cap the day off with a colloquium talk. 


The Department of Mathematics offices are located in the Math/Computer Science (MCS) building. This is a brick building at the Northeast side of the Alkek library, and attached to Derrick Hall.

A campus map is available from the university web page.


Dr. Jian Shen

Associate Chair

Dr. Alex White

Assistant Chair

Mailing Address:

Department of Mathematics
Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666, USA
Phone 512.245.2551