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April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month

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December 4, 2021
Philosopher Thomas Hobbes died, thus ending his 25 year feud with John Wallis over Hobbes's attempt to square the circle in 1655. It began when Hobbes called Wallis's Arithmetica Infinitorum a "scab of symbols." More information about: Thomas Hobbes John Wallis Quadrature of the Circle

December 4, 2021
The University of Leipzig established in Saxony, Germany, with many of its original faculty coming from the University of Prague. It is the second oldest university in Germany after the University of Heidelberg. More information about: University of Leipzig

December 4, 2021
Georg Joachim Rheticus died in Kassa, Hungary. He is famous for publishing Copernicus's work, including De revolutionibus, and extensive trigonometric tables. More information about: Georg Joachim Rheticus