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April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness Month

Math Awareness Month Proclamation

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May 17, 2021
On America's early research universities: "The answer to the question as to the success of Hopkins, Clark, and Chicago, is: men of ability, professors and students with sufficient funds to carry on their work, time for research, and freedom to work in their own way," wrote Warren P. Lombard, in a letter. More information about: Warren Plimpton L...

May 17, 2021
Heinrich Weber died in Strasbourg. Best known for his work in algebra and number theory, he also worked in analysis and mathematical physics. For more information about: Heinrich Weber

May 17, 2021
Alexis Clairaut died in Paris. He did both experimental and theoretical work on the shape of the earth (flattened at the poles) and the orbits of the moon and of Halley's comet, in addition to more purely mathematical work. For more information about: Alexis Clairaut