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Part Time Student Positions

Available part time student positions are posted in Jobs4Cats.

Listed below are the positions that the department hires throughout the year and the accompanying job description.

Undergraduate Instructional Assistant

Examples of Duties

  • Provide instruction
  • Grade submitted assignments
  • Attend periodic meetings
  • Hold office hours.

Applicants must supply one letter of recommendation from a faculty member to be eligible for this position.  Letters may be sent from the faculty member directly to

This position is limited to 15 hours/week.

Math Tutor

Examples of Duties

  • Attend tutor trainings/meetings
  • Conduct small group or one on one tutoring
  • Help students develop positive study habits and study skills
  • Advise students regarding resources and support services that are available
  • Exhibit respect and a helpful attitude toward everyone
  • Stay current on software installed on the lab workstations
  • Maintain the computer workstations by keeping them tidy, cleaned and, disinfected
  • Maintain the lab printer by keeping it supplied with paper and monitoring the toner supply level

Class Assistant

Examples of Duties

  • Attending assigned class
  • Proctor tests
  • Data entry
  • Lead study groups
  • Assist students with designated coursework

Paper Grader

Examples of Duties

  • Grade homework, and exams for selected courses
  • Return graded assignments to instructor in a timely fashion
  • The instructor is required to grade the final exam

Generally, faculty members will require a grader to have taken the course involved and passed it with a grade of A or B. In some cases students may be hired as graders if they can demonstrate an adequate knowledge and skill in the subject. Working hours are usually flexible and may often be completed from the grader's home.

This position is limited to 35 hours per course per semester. It is the responsibility of the instructor to inform the departmental hiring personnel if they wish to hire a student.

Class Helper/Proctor

Responsible for providing periodic support to faculty for specific Department of Mathematics courses.

Examples of Duties

  • Pass out and collect tests on testing days
  • Assist instructor with organizational tasks as needed several times during the semester

This is a general applicant pool that will be made available to instructors during the semester.  It is the responsibility of the instructor to inform the departmental hiring personnel if they wish to hire a student.

Student Office Worker

Responsible for providing administrative and general clerical support to faculty, staff and students within the Department of Mathematics.

Examples of Duties

  • Answer telephone, screen and transfer calls, take messages, and refer to other offices as appropriate
  • Type and correspondence and forms
  • Organize and prioritize work
  • Maintain files and review for completeness
  • Monitor and inventory office supplies
  • Maintain math library room reservation calendar
  • Receive and stock orders/ file invoices
  • Assist in preparing various activities and events
  • Tabulate information
  • Prepare spreadsheets
  • Distribute incoming mail
  • Greet, screen, and route visitors
  • Perform other duties as assigned