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Graduate Student Scholarship Recipients

Enes Akbuga awarded a scholarship to attend PME-NA in Indianapolis
Esther Conrad $1,000 scholarship sponsored by Texas State Woman’s Giving Circle. (WISE)
Ashraf Demian $2500 merit scholarship from The Graduate College and
$2000 scholarship from Engineering and Science
Joshua Fagan $2,000 from the Graduate College and $2,300 from the University Bookstore for the 2017-18 academic year
Christina Koehne Gwen S. Durrenberger Scholarship for Women in Science award for the 2017-18 academic year


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Metric system, including the decimal subdivision of the circle, advocated in report made to the Paris Academy of Sciences. The committee consisted of J. C. Borda, J. Lagrange, P. S. Laplace, G. Monge, and de Condorcet. More information about: The Metric System