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Numerical Methods for Data Science and Engineering

Will return Fall 2022

This seminar is dedicated to sharing and discussing recent discoveries in numerical methods for real-life applications, such as medical imaging, weather forecasting, and epidemiology.

Iván Ojeda-Ruiz
Jaroslaw Jaracz
Young Ju Lee

Spring 2022

  • Feb 18: Qingguo Hong, Pennsylvania State University, A Priori Analysis to Numerical PDEs by Neural Network Functions.
  • Mar 4: Iván Ojeda-Ruiz, Texas State University, 2D and 3D Image Inpainting Via a Constrained Smoothing and Dynamic Mode Decomposition.
  • Mar 25: Johgho Park, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyNeural networks with parallel structures: exploiting mathematical ideas in designing neural networks.
  • Apr 8: Jaroslaw Jaracz, Texas State University, Existance and Uniqueness of Solutions to a Regularized Oldroyd-B model
  • April 29: Pedro Maia, University of Texas at Arlington, Mathematical models and methods in computational neurology