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Math Colloquium - Fall 2020

Sept 4: Estrella Johnson, Virginia Tech University, Taking an Instructional Innovation to Scale: Characterizing, Supporting, and Evaluating Inquiry-Oriented Instruction

Sept 18: Heather Johnson, University of Colorado-Denver, ITsCRITiCAL: An Intervention to Promote Students’ Reasoning and Address Power Dynamics in College Algebra

Oct 2: Daryl Deford with Panel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, part of the Math and Gerrymandering Event sponsored by Common Experience, click here to visit site

Oct 16: Ronald Solomon, Ohio State University, Highlights from the Classification of the Finite Simple Groups

Oct 30: Andrew Brooke-Taylor, University of Leeds, Some more uncountable cardinals for your repertoire.

Nov 20: Amanda Jansen, University of Delaware, Conducting Mathematics Education Research with Empathy: Studying Mathematics Engagement