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Differential Equations and Applied Math Seminar

Ray Treinen

Day:  Every Friday
Time:  noon - 1pm
Location: 330 DH /Zoom

The Differential Equations and Applied Math Seminar is a seminar for those interested in Differential Equations, Mathematical Modeling, both Numerical Analysis and Simulation, both Computational and Theoretical Statistics, as well as other interdisciplinary work of an applied nature.  The speaker's topics are not restricted to their own work, as this seminar is a platform for presenting details of Mathematics of interest.  Interested Faculty, Graduate Students, and advanced Undergraduates are encouraged to attend. 

Spring 2022

  • Feb 11: Giorgio Young, Rice University
  • Feb 18: Brian Simanek, Baylor University
  • March 25: Andrei Martinez-Finkelshtein, Baylor University