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Algebra Combinatorics Reading Seminar

Anton Dochtermann

Day:  Every Thursday
Time:  12:30-1:30 p.m.
Location: DERR 329

The Algebraic Combinatorics Reading Seminar meets about once a week.  The format is very informal, the idea is that we collectively select a topic for the semester and present material surround that theme.  Original research is not typically presented and we encourage participation from all levels. Graduate students with an interest in algebra/combinatorics are especially encouraged to attend.  In Fall 2017 we studied concepts and constructions involved in the recent proof of the Rota-Welsh conjecture given by Adiprasito-Huh-Katz.  This included matroid theory, characteristic polynomials, toric varieties, intersection theory (and connections among all these).  This semester we have a couple of outside speakers including Jesus De Loera and Art Duval. The theme is a bit less focused but topics include random constructions in combinatorics (including monomial ideals and permutations), chordal graphs and complexes, and algebraic statistics.