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Reference Handouts by Course

MATH 3305 Introduction to Probability and Statistics

MATH 3306
Introduction to Statistical Methods

MATH 3315
Modern Geometry

MATH 3323
Differential Equations

MATH 3325
Number Systems

MATH 3330
Introduction to Advanced Mathematics

MATH 3348
Determinisitic Operations Research

MATH 3373
Calculus III

MATH 3375
Engineering Mechanics

MATH 3377
Linear Algebra

MATH 3380
Analysis I

MATH 3383
Numerical Analysis I

MATH 3398
Discrete Mathematics II

MATH 4302
Principles of Mathematics II

MATH 4303
Capstone Mathematics for Middle School Teachers

MATH 4304
Capstone Mathematics for Secondary Teachers (of Mathematics)

MATH 4305
Probability and Statistics

MATH 4306
Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems

MATH 4307
Modern Algebra

MATH 4311
Introduction to the History of Mathematics

MATH 4315
Analysis II

MATH 4330
General Topology

MATH 4336
Studies in Applied Mathematics

MATH 4350
Introduction to Combinatorics

MATH 4382
The Literature and Modern History of Mathematics and Its Applications

MATH 4383
Numerical Analysis II