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2017 Texas Differential Equations Conference
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Saturday March 4, 2017 (In order of presentation)

  • Changfeng Gui, Univ. of Texas, San Antonio, Sphere covering inequality and its application to a Moser-Trudinger type inequality and mean field equations.
  • Qi Han, Texas A&M Univ., Sand Antonio, "On the first exterior p-harmonic Steklov eigenvalue.
  • Eleftherios Gkioulekas, Univ. of Texas, Rio Grande Valley, Revisiting the dissipation scales of the energy cascade of 3D turbulence as anomalous scaling functions.
  • Ze Cheng, Univ. of Texas, San Antonio, The existence of solution to the supercritical Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev type system.
Coffee break
  • Zhijun (George) Qiao, Univ. of Texas, Rio Grande Valley, Negative integrable systems and soliton equations.
  • Youn-Sha Chan, Univ. of Houston - Downtown, "Dynamical models on embryonic stem-cell Switch.
  • Stephen Shipman, Louisiana State Univ., Short-time behavior of the exciton-polariton equations.
  • Zhaosheng Feng, Univ. of Texas, Rio Grande Valley, Approximate Solutions to the Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers Equation.

Parallel session 1:

  • Prabir Daripa, Texas A&M Univ., On stability of viscoelastic fluid flow in porous media.
  • Erwin Suazo, Univ. of Texas, Rio Grande Valley, On Ermakov-Pinney equation and soliton solutions for partial differential equations.
  • Wenjing Zhu, Zhejiang Normal Univ., China, Exact traveling wave solutions and bifurcations for a shallow water equation modeling surface waves of moderate amplitude.
  • Du Pham, Univ. of Texas, San Antonio, On weak solutions of the Shigesada-Kawasaki-Teramoto equations.
Coffee break
  • Steven D. London, Univ. of Houston - Downtown, Solitary waves in rotating shallow water magnetohydrodynamics.
  • Taoufik Meklachi, Penn State Univ., Harrisburg, Vibration control in spring mass systems.
  • Barbara A. Shipman, Univ of Texas, Arlington, Integrable moving frames for spacelike, timelike, and Euclidean surfaces.
Parallel session 2:
  • Saroj Pradhan, Southern Methodist Univ., "Identification of human respiratory system with peripheral and central control.
  • Vesselin Vatchev, Univ. of Texas, Rio Grande Valley, Empirical approximations of differential operators.
  • Bingbing Ji, Texas A&M Univ., A local minimax method using Nehari manifold for finding differential saddles.
  • Cong Gu, Texas A&M Univ., Iterative Scaling method for numerical solution of Kirchhoff-type problems with cubic nonlinarity.
Coffee break
  • Yuliya Gorb, Univ. of Houston, A robust preconditioner for high-contrast problems.
  • Ben Wongsaijai, Chiang Mai Univ., Numerical analysis of a linear four-level finite difference scheme for the symmetric regularized long wave equation.
  • Isaac Harris, Texas A&M Univ., Direct method for reconstructing inclusions from electrostatic data.
Sunday March 5, 2017
  • D. Palaniappan, Texas A&M Univ., Corpus Christi, General solution representations for the motion of a circular disk in a viscous fluid.
  • Yeyao Hu, Univ. of Texas, San Antonio, Stationary solutions to the Ohta-Kawasaki problem on closed surfaces.
  • Jean Yeh, Texas A&M Univ., Numerical modeling and computation of 3D shape optimization problems by open FOAM.
  • Sourav Dutta, Texas A&M Univ., A modern hybrid method for multiphase, multicomponent flow and transport in porous media.
Coffee break
  • Changhui Tan, Rice Univ., Global regularity for Burgers equation with density dependent fractional dissipation.
  • Frank Cisneros, Texas A&M Univ., Corpus Christi, Analytic calculation of harmonic potentials involving spherically coated multiphase domains.
Jianxin Zhou : Texas A&M University.

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