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2008 Texas Partial Differential Equations Conference
University of Houston-Downtown, Houston, Texas

    Saturday April 5, 2008 (In order of presentation)
  • Shishen Xie, Univ. of Houston-Downtown, An algorithm for solving a nonlinear integro-differential equations.
  • Lokenath Debnath, Univ. of Texas-Pan American, Initial value problems of generation and propagation of waves in a rotating fluid.
  • Goong Chen, Texas A&M Univ., College Station, The time variable as the dep endent variable for the diffusion equation.
  • Jianxin Zhou, Texas A&M Univ., College Station, Some mathematical theory on computing multiple solutions to non-cooperative differential systems.
  • Prabir Daripa, Texas A&M Univ., College Station, Diffusive slowdown of instabilities in three-layer Hele-Shaw flows with viscosity gradient.
  • Jianzhong Wang, Sam Houston State Univ., Diffusion PDE asso ciated with bilateral filter.
  • John Alford, Sam Houston State Univ., Stimulated unidirectional propagation in heterogeneous excitable media.
  • Ranadhir Roy, Univ. of Texas-Pan American, Ill-posed inverse problems in molecular imaging.
  • Lijian Jiang, Texas A&M Univ., College Station, Mixed multiscale finite element methods on adaptive unstructured grids using limited global information.
  • Xianjin Chen, Jianxin Zhou, Texas A&M Univ., College Station, A framework for computing multiple saddle points to strongly indefinite functionals.
  • Zhijun Qiao, Univ. of Texas-Pan American, r-matrix structures of integrable systems.
  • Dambaru Bhatta, Univ. of Texas-Pan American, Computation of the second order dynamic force component on a vertical cylinder due to wave diffraction.
  • Baofeng Feng, Kenichi Maruno, Univ. of Texas-Pan American, A short pulse equation: loop, breather solitons and integrable.
  • Fengxin Chen, Univ. of Texas-San Antonio, Traveling waves for system of nonlocal evolution equations with bistable nonlinearity.
  • Yan Li, Texas A&M Univ., College Station, An accurate multiphase upscaling for flow and transport in heterogeneous porous media.
  • Katarina Jegdic, Univ. of Houston-Downtown, Remarks on strong regular reflection for the isentropic gas dynamics equations.
  • Nguyen Mau Nam, Univ. of Texas-Pan American, Generalized differentiation of nonsmooth functions and applications to Hamilton-Jacobi equations in infinite dimensions.
  • Zhongxiao Li, Univ. of Texas-Pan American, The structure of student dialogue in web-assisted mathematics courses.
  • Edwin Tecarro, Akif Uzman, Jeong-Mi Yoon, Univ. of Houston-Downtown, A model of signaling pathways in embryonic Xenopus laevis.
  • Youn-Sha Chan, Univ. of Houston-Downtown, Advanced Material Modeling.

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