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2006 Texas Partial Differential Equations Conference
University of Texas at Arlington, Texas

    Saturday March 25, 2006. (In order of presentation)
  • Goong Chen , Texas A&M Univ., A dimensional Scaling Method for the Excited States of the Helium Atom.
  • Ricardo Weder , Univ. Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Inverse Scattering at a Fixed Energy.
  • Jiahong Wu , Okalhoma State Univ., The generalized incompressible Navier-Stokes equations.
  • William Rundell , Texas A&M Univ., An inverse boundary value problem.
  • M. D. Voisei , Univ. of Texas - Panamerican, On the maximality of the sum of maximal monotone operators in general Banach spaces.
  • Andras Balogh , Univ. of Texas - Panamerican, Boundary Feedback Control of the Undamped Shear Beam Model.
  • Zhijun Qiao , Univ. of Texas - Panamerican, Peaked Solitons Equations.
  • John Neuberger, Univ. of North Texas, Generators and resolvents for nonlinear semigroups.
  • Anahit Galstyan , Univ. of Texas - Panamerican, Lp-Lq Estimates and Global Existence.
  • Wei Zhu , Rice Univ., A regularity theory for multiple-valued Dirichlet minimizing maps.
  • Jianxin Zhou , Texas A&M Univ., Newton Homotopy Continuation Method for Finding Multiple Solutions to The Henon Equation.
  • Yuri Yatsenko and Natali Hritonenko, Houston Baptist Univ., Optimal control of age-structured dynamic models with pointwise state constraints.
  • Bao-Feng Feng , Univ. of Texas - Panamerican, Integrable discretizations of a two-dimensional Hamiltonian system with quartic potential.
  • Karen Yagdjian , Univ. of Texas - Panamerican, Global Existence for Nonlinear Wave Equations with Variable Coefficients.
  • Yalchin Efendiev , Texas A&M Univ., Homogenization of nonlinear parabolic operators in random media.
  • Dambaru Bhatta , Univ. of Texas - Panamerican, Use of B-ploynomials in solving Partial Differential Equations numerically.
  • Zhaosheng Feng , Univ. of Texas - Panamerican, Schrodinger equation and its asymptotic behavior.
  • Theresa Jorgensen , Univ. of Texas at Arlington, Quenching for nonlinear wave equations in two and three space dimensions.
    Sunday March 26, 2006:
  • Lokenath Debnath , Univ. of Texas - Panamerican, Rossby Waves in an Ocean.
  • Stephen Shipman , Optimization of transmission through photonic crystals.
  • Mohammad Uddin , Univ. of Texas - Panamerican, Solution of Nonlinear DE using B-polynomials.
  • Jean-Luc Guermond , Texas A&M Univ., On the construction of suitable weak solutions to the incompressible NSE.
  • Ingo Witt , Imperial Collegue, London, U. K., On a class of semilinear elliptic Fuchsian PDEs.
  • Mostafa Ghandehari , Univ. of Texas at Arlington, The Jacobian Matrix of Multi-lane freeway.
  • Steven D. London , Univ. of Houston - Downtown, Asymptotic Models for the Earth's Magnetic Field.
  • Marco A. Roque-Sol , Texas A&M Univ., Fourier Spectrum of Chaotic Interval Maps.
  • Dung Le , Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, Coexistence in Cross Diffusion Systems.
  • Youn-Sha Chan , Univ. of Houston - Downtown, On the Analysis of a Finite Crack Paralleling a Bimaterial Interface.
  • Fred Kashefi , Partial differential equation of a convex body.
  • Ismail Kombe , Pklahoma Dity Univ. , From Hardy inequality to Uncertainty principle and Rellich inequalities on Carnot groups .

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