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2001 Texas Partial Differential Equations Conference
University of Houston at UH-Downtown

    Satruday March 31, 2001 (In order of presentation)
  • Goong Chen, Texas A&M Univ., Visualization of multiple solutions of Lan-Emden type equations on a bounded domain.
  • Ratnasingham Shivaji, Mississippi State Univ., Positive solutions for classes of p-Laplacian equations.
  • Jacques Rappaz, EPF Lausanne, Switzerland, Non singular boundary integral formulation for the Laplace problem.
  • Petr Kloucek , Rice Univ., The steepest descent minimization of double-well stored energies do not yield vectorial microstructures.
  • Jianxin Zhou, Texas A&M Univ., A local min-orthogonal method for finding multiple saddle points and its applications to sublinear elliptic PDEs.
  • Maria Varela, Univ. de Buenos Aires, Argentina, Molecular properties: minimization of the energy functional and applications to the optical rotatory power.
  • Ruediger Landes, Oklahoma State Univ. Traveling waves and the detachment of a boiling liquid from the heating surface.
  • Alfred Wagner, Rice Univ., On the Bernoulli free boundary problem.
  • Sunni Canic, Univ. of Houston, On the shock wave formation in a hemodynamics model of blood flow through the abdominal aorta before and after endovascular repair.
  • Maria Cristina Mariani, Univ. de Buenos Aires, Artgentina, Solutions to a non-isentropic hydrodynamic model for semiconductors.
  • Dung Le, Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, Cross diffusion systems on 2 spatial dimensional domains.
  • Christopher Winfield, Sam Houston State Univ. Local non-solvability of classes of non-homogeneous partial differential operators on the 3-dimensional Heisenberg group.
  • Zhaosheng Feng, Texas A&M Univ. Exact solitary wave solutions for some nonlinear evolution equations.
    Sunday April 1, 2001.
  • Alfonso Castro, Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, A sign-changing solution for a superlinear Dirichlet problem.
  • Hugo Aduen , Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, Infinitely many nonradial solutions to a superlinear Dirichlet problem.
  • Monica Torres , Univ. of Texas at Austin, Plane-like minimal surfaces in periodic media.
  • Robert Berry, Univ, of Texas M. D. Anderson Center, The existance of periodic solutions to an epidemiological model posed on a heterogeneous domain.
  • Daniel Reynolds ,Rice Univ., Stochastic gradient flow.
  • Feng Xin Chen , Univ. of Texas at San Antonio, Spectrum of linearized operators about traveling wave solutions of nonlocal Allen-Cahn equations.

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