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1999 Texas Partial Differential Equations Conference
on the occasion of the SWT Centennial Celebration
Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos

    Saturday April 10, 1999 (In order of presentation)
  • Ralph E. Showalter: Univ. of Texas at Austin: Diffusion in Poro-Elastic Media.
  • Maria Varela: Univ. de Buenos Aires: Calculation of Magnetic properties using a longitudinal gauge for the vector potential.
  • Marcel B. Finan: Univ. of Texas at San Antonio: Existence of many positive nonradial solutions to a superlinear Dirichlet problem in thin annuli.
  • Alfonso Castro: Univ. of Texas at San Antonio: A local inversion principle of Nash-Moser type.
  • Maya Chhetri: Mississippi State Univ.: An existence result for a class of superlinear p-Laplacian semipositone systems.
  • Ratnasingham Shivaji: Mississippi State Univ.: Positivity of nonnegative solutions for cooperative semipositone systems.
  • Barbara Lee Keyfitz: Univ. of Houston: Modeling with conserved quantities: what is conserved is important.
  • Steven D. London: Univ. of Houston-Downtown: An asymptotic model for thermal convection in a rapidly rotating sphere.
  • Rafael de la Llave: Univ. of Texas at Austin: Aubry-Mather theory for elliptic PDE's.
  • John W. Neuberger: Univ. of North Texas: Linear extension of nonlinear semigroups.
  • Maria Cristina Mariani: Univ. de Buenos Aires: Equations of the mean curvature type with Dirichlet condition.
  • Dmitry Gokhman: Univ. of Texas at San Antonio: Boundary element method for internal axisymmetric flow.
  • Henry Warchall: Univ. of North Texas: Hidden ground states.
  • Alexandru Ardelea: Univ. of Texas at Austin: Aspects of pattern formation in a reaction-diffusion PDE system