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1998 Texas Partial Differential Equations Seminar
Texas A&M, College Station

    Saturday March 28, 1998 (In order of presentation)
  • Goong Chen: Texas A&M Univ.; Computation and visualization of solutions for semilinear partial differential equations.
  • Alfonso Castro: Univ. of North Texas; A minimax principle and applications to an asymptotically linear Dirichlet Problem.
  • Yongxin Li: Texas A&M Univ.; A new minimax method for finding multiple solutions to semilinear elliptic PDE's.
  • Barbara Lee Keyfitz: Univ. of Houston; A proof of existnece of perturbed steady transonic shocks via free boundary problem.
  • Chistopher Winfield: Lamar Univ. at Beaumont; Local Solvability of some PD Ops on the Heisenberg group.
  • Stephen A. Fulling: Texas A&M Univ.; Applying the mathematics of G. H. Hardy to PDE and quantum field theory.
  • David H. Goeken: Univ. Houston Runge-Kutta with higher order derivative evaluations.
    Sunday March 29, 1998.
  • David H. Wagner: Univ. of Houston; Global entropy solutions for Exothermically reacting Euler equations
  • J.W. Neuberger: Univ. of North Texas; Ginzburg-Landau calculations for superconductivity and location of singularitites.
  • Rafael de la Llave: Univ. of Texas at Austin Nonresonant invariant manifolds for some nonlinear parabolic PDE's.
  • Scott Berger: Rice Univ.; An application of functions of special bounded variation to a problem in geometry.
  • Angel Manuel Ramos: Univ. of Houston; New results about the approximate controllability of some quasilinear diffusion equations.
  • John M. Neuberger: Univ. of Northern Arizona at Flagstaff; Rotationally symmetric solutions to a nonlinear elliptic PDE.