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1997 Texas Partial Differential Equations Seminar
University of North Texas, Denton

    Saturday April 19, 1997. (In order of presentation)
  • Alfonso Castro: Univ. of North Texas; Nonradial sign-changing solutions to a dirichlet problem in thin annuli.
  • John M. Neuberger: Mississippi State Univ.; A sign-changing solution of a semilinear elliptic boundary value problem beyond the first eigenvalue.
  • Dana M. Bedivan: Univ. of Texas at Arlington; Least squares methods for optimal shape problems.
  • Goong Chen: Texas A&M Univ.; Chaotic vibrations of the wave equation due to the interaction of energy pumping and Van Der PoL boundary conditions.
  • Jianxin Zhou: Texas A&M Univ.; Some new regularity results on the Stokes' equation.
  • Ratnasingham Shivaji: Mississippi State Univ.; A multiplicity result for a class of superlinear semipositone problems.
  • John Mooney: Glasgow Caledonian Univ. An implicit Douglas algorithm for a nonlinear singular parabolic quenching problem.
  • Thomas Hagen: Virginia Polytechnic Institute; On the well-posedness of an initial-boundary value problem for a class of semilinear parabolic differential equations.
  • Paul Uhlig: Rice Univ. Where best to hold a drum fast.
  • Panayotis Panayotaros: Univ. of Texas at Austin; Numerical simulation of water waves on the sphere.
    Sunday April 20, 1997. (In order of presentation)
  • John Albert: Univ. of Oklahoma; Concentration compactness and stability of solitary waves.
  • Maeve McCarthy: Rice Univ.; The shape of the tallest column.
  • Andras Balogh: Texas Tech Univ.; Local feedback regularization of the three-dimensional Navier-Stokes equation on bounded domains.
  • Malgorzata Peszynska: Univ. of Texas at Austin; A transport model with adsorption hysteresis.
  • Sudhasree Gadam: Univ. of North Texas; Non-existence of positive solutions for a Neumann problem.
  • Ruediger Landes: Univ. of Oklahoma; Test functions for elliptic systems and maximum principles.
  • Marianna Shubov: Texas Tech Univ. Spectral properties of the three-dimensional spherically symmetric damped wave equation and applications to control theory.
  • Victor I. Shubov: Texas Tech Univ.; Dynamics of boundary controlled convection-reaction-diffusion equations.
  • Joseph Iaia: Univ. of North Texas; Positive solution curves in semipositone problems with concave-convex type nonlinearities.