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1996 Texas Partial Differential Equations Seminar
Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos.

    Saturday March 30, 1986. (In order of presentation).
  • Alfonso Castro: Univ. of North Texas; A semilinear wave equation with nonlinearity crossing multiple eigenvalues of infinite multiplicity.
  • Malgorzata Peszynska: Univ. of Texas at Austin; Memory functionals in evolution PDE.
  • Canfang Zhai: Univ. of Houston; Control methods for the computation of rotating waves in reaction-diffusion systems.
  • Steven J. Cox: Rice Univ.; Recovering planar Lame moduli from a single traction experiment.
  • Jose Arrieta: Univ. of Texas at Austin; Elliptic equations, principal eigenvalues and dependence on the domian.
    Room 105
  • Goong Chen: Texas A&M Univ.; Linear superposition of chaotic and orderly vibrations on two serially connected strings with a Van Der Pol joint.
  • Peter Shi: Univ. of Texas; A regularity result in linear elasticity with rough coefficients.
  • William F. Trench: Trinity Univ.; Linear asymptotic equilibrium and uniform, exponential, and strict stabillity of linear difference systems.
  • Dmitry Gokhman: Univ. of Texas at San Antonio; Asymptotic solutions of second order linear ODEs in the complex plane.
  • John M. Neuberger: Mississippi State Univ.; Sign-changing solutions to elliptic BVPs.
  • Puhong You: Texas A&M Univ.; Optimal nonlinear boundary control of heat conduction in non-smooth domain with point sensors.
  • Sudhasree Gadam: Univ. of North Texas; Positive solutions curves of sempositione problems with concave nonlinearitites.
  • Jianxin Zhou: Texas A&M Univ.; Boundary element monotone iteration scheme for semilinear elliptic PDEs for coupled 2X2 systems.
  • Peter G. Kaup: Texas A&M Univ.; Imaging corrosion damage in plates from electrostatic data.
    Room 106
  • Joseph Iaia: Univ. of North Texas; Encapsulated vortex solutions to nonlinear wave equations: existnece.
  • Henry Warchal: Univ. of North Texas; Encapsulated vortex solutions to nonlinear wave equations: stability.
  • Yuting Wei: Univ. of Texas; Mathematical analysis of elastic wave propagation in fluid-filled borehole enviroment.
  • Zhuangzhi Zhang: Univ. of Houston; The existence and decay of solutions of a class of nonstrictly hyperbolic systems of conservation laws.
  • Suncica Canic: Iowa State Univ.; Riemann problems for the two-dimensional unsteady transonic small disturbance equation.
  • Mathew P. Coleman: Fairfield Univ.; Analysis of vibrations by the wave propagation method and Bolotin's method for a rectangular thin plate with at least one side roller-supported.
  • George Avalos: Texas Tech Univ.; Exponential stability of simply supported thermoelastic sytem without mechanical dissipation.
  • Yue Liu: Univ. of Texas; Nonlinear stability of solitary waves of a genereralized Kadomtsev-Petviassvili equation.
  • Mishia Vishik: Univ. of Texas at Austin; Regularity for 2D incompressible flows of an ideal fluid.