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1990 Texas Partial Differntial Equations Seminar
University of Texas at Arlington

    Saturday March 31, 1990. (In order of presentation)
  • Max D. Gunzburger; Analysis and finite element approximation of optimal control problems associated with the stationary Navier-Stokes equations.
  • Barbar Lee Keyfitz; Shocks near the sonic line.
  • Jorge Cossio; A bifurcation theorem and applications.
  • J. Schmidt; A 3-D h-adaptive finite element scheme.
  • R. Newcomb; Hamilton-Jacobi equations in Banach spaces.
  • S.A. Fulling; Guage invariant asymptotic expansion of Schrodinger propagators on manifolds.
  • R.E. Showalter; Diffusion of lfuid in a fissured medium with micro-structure.
  • Henry A. Warchall; Symmetry breaking in semilinear elliptic equations and nonspherical standing waves for nonlinear wave equations.
  • Walter Richardson; Reaction-diffusion equations in semiconductor process modeling.
  • Mark Countryman; Nonlinear forced oscillations of a beam.
  • A. Lyberopoulos; Large time structure of solutions of scalar conservation laws with or without convexity under the action of a linear excitation.
  • Steven Cox; Regularity and computation of a membreane interface.
  • H.D. Victory, Jr.; The convergence theory of particle methods for multidimentional Vlasov-Poisson systems.
  • B.A. Mair; Determination of initial states of parabolic systems form discrete data.
  • J.W. Neuberger; Predictability in the absence of chaos.