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1986 Texas Partial Differential Equations Seminar
North Texas State University

    April 19, 1986. (In order of presentation).
  • J. R. Dorroh: Louisiana State University; Semigroups of operators and second-order Cauchy problems.
  • W. L. Perry: Texas A & M University; Montone iterative solution of an unforced nonlinear two-point eigenvalue problem.
  • V. L. Bakke: University of Arkansas; Stability analysis of linear multistep methods for Volterra integro-differential equations.
  • D.W. Brewer: University of Arkansas; Parameter identification for a robotic manipulator arm.
  • R. Shivaji: Mississippi State University; On Superlinear problem with jumping nonlinearities.
  • A. Kurepa: North Texas State University; Radially symmetric solutions to a superlinear Dirichlet problem.
  • D. Wagner: University of Houston; The Hopf bifurcation on a hexagonal lattice.
  • G. Auchmuty: University of Houston; Variational principles for initial value problems.
  • J. Morgan: University of Houston; Global existence for semilinear parabolic systems.
  • Z. Jackiewicz: University of Arkansas; Stability analysis of product theta-methods for Abel integral equations of the second kind.
  • R. J. Renka: North Texas State University; A new method for automatic finite element mesh generation in two dimensions.
  • A. Castro: North Texas State University; Existence and uniqueness of the solution to a nonlinear differential equation arising in the bifurcation phenomena of a nonhomogeneous elastic system.