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1984 Texas Partial Differential Equations Seminar
Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos.

    Saturday March 3, 1984. (In order of presentation).
  • J. Neuberger: North Texas State Univ.; Applications of the steepest descent method to differential equations with nonlinear boundary conditions.
  • R.E. Showalter: Univ. of Texas at Austin; A hyperbolic PDE
  • I.J. Bakelman:Texas A&M Univ.; Non-uniform elliptic PDE's and applications to plasticity and differential geometry problems.
  • A. Castro: Southwest Texas State Univ. ; Uniqueness of positive solutions for a Dirichlet problem when a parameter is large.
  • P. Vuillermot: Univ. of Texas at Arlington; A class of elliptic PDE with exponential nonlinearities.
  • B.L. Keyfitz: Univ. of Houston; Bifurcation in a reaction-diffuction equation under changes in domain.
  • R.L. Foote: Texas Tech Univ.; Differential geometry of one-dimentional real Monge-Ampere Foliations.
  • K. Hollig & M. Pilant*:Texas A&M Univ.; Regularity of the free boundary for the one-dimentional porous medium equation.
  • H. Engler: Univ. Texas at Austin; Contractive properties of the heat equation in W1,p and applications to Hamiton-Jacobi equations.
  • R. Kannan & R. Ortega: Univ. of Texas at Arlington; An approximate integration scheme applied to a system of semilinear hyperbolic equatoins.
  • D.X. Nguyen: Texas Tech Univ.; Self-adjointness for general elliptic operators with Sobolev-type coefficients.
  • J. Walsh: Southwest Texas State Univ.; Iterative solution of linear boundary value problems.
  • D.S Levine: Univ. of Texas at Arlington; Unbounded oscillatory solutions for a system of interacting populations.
  • R. Kannan & R. Ortega: Univ. of Texas at Arlington; Superlinear perturbations of linear elliptic boundary value problems at resonance.
  • R.D. Ogden: Southwest Texas State Univ.; Fourier analysis and Differential-delay equations.
  • M. Countryman: Lousiana Tech Univ.; Numerical methods for damped nonlinear vibrations.
  • W.O. Ray: Univ. of Oklahoma; Perturbation of normaly solvable operators.
  • L.D. Drager:Texas Tech Univ.; W. Layton: Georgia Institute of technology; Delay differential equations and function algebras.
  • B. Perry: Texas A&M Univ.; Numerical method for problems in catalysis.
  • A. Boggess: Texas A&M Univ.; Analytic hypoanalycitity.
  • R. Shivaji: Southwest Texas State Univ.: Multiple solutions for a Dirichlet problem with jumping nonlinearities.
  • D. Wagner: Univ. of Houston; A new approach to the existence of deflagration waves.
  • P. Smith: Texas A&M Univ.; Regularity of minima of a nonconvex functional
  • M.C. Pandian: Univ. of Texas at Arlington; Numerical solutions of a quisilinear elliptic problem in lubrication theory.