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Rapid Fire Research FAQ

Rapid fire oral presentation sessions are designed to allow for a succinct overview of research findings.  Each rapid fire session is scheduled to allow 4-5 minute individual presentations with use of visual media (no more than 5 slides).  
The following are some guidelines to consider as you are preparing for your presentation:

  • Your presentation should provide a succinct overview of what how your study was conducted and what was found (ie a brief review of your study methods and results). This can include a slide describing your purpose, methods, results and conclusion/implications.
  • Practice delivery of your presentation in order to insure correct timing.  Speaking too rapidly or reading your presentation slides can lessen the impact of your presentation.   The intention of a rapid fire oral session is to provide overview of important research findings in a very specific topic area.  The intention is not to speak rapidly, but to speak succinctly.
  • Avoid overly “busy” slides that have a lot of wording.  Make use of images, graphics, video and other forms of media to demonstrate and explain important aspects of your study.