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Master in math education

This program requires a minimum of 27 hours of mathematics plus a minor selected from the approved minors. This degree does not have a thesis option. The mathematics courses are designed to prepare students to teach high school and community college.

Background requirements

The minimum undergraduate requirements are:

  • MATH 2471  Calculus I
  • MATH 2472  Calculus II
  • 9 hours of junior/senior mathematics courses.

These requirements may be reduced if the applicant shows evidence of taking equivalent courses elsewhere. Students are required to make up background courses if they do not have sufficient undergraduate mathematics. This background work must be completed before enrolling in graduate courses.


Core Courses: (9 hours): All students are required to take the following courses:

  • MATH 5381  Foundations of Set Theory
  • MATH 5382  Foundations of Real Analysis
  • MATH 5384  Geometric Approach to Abstract Algebra

Minor (option): The minor should be selected from the list of approved minors in the graduate catalog.

Elective Courses (18 hours): The following courses are recommended.

  • MATH 5303  History of Mathematics
  • MATH 5304  Topics in Mathematics for secondary school teachers
  • MATH 5386  Knots and Surfaces: Intro to topology
  • MATH 5388  Discrete Mathematics
  • MATH 5390  Statistics
  • MATH 5392  Survey of Geometries

The student may select elective hours from other mathematics courses not listed here, if the prerequisites are met. Student's selection of courses must be approved by the Graduate Adviser.

Comprehensive examination: All students are required to take a three-part written comprehensive exam.