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Prospective Students

prospective student

Dear Prospective Student:

The Department of Mathematics consists of about 80 faculty and staff members who welcome all students and strive to maintain close contact and cooperation with them. We offer a full range of undergraduate and graduate programs including pre-engineering, teaching certifications, and applied mathematics. Please see the description for these programs on this web site.

Our department provides an environment at the forefront of research that produces graduates highly qualified in Mathematics and Mathematics Education who will contribute to making Texas a leader in mathematics, science and technology. Offering a rich mathematical experience where students learn to think critically, communicate mathematical concepts effectively, and become lifetime learners, we maintain a nationally known community of faculty and students in the study of mathematics, mathematics education, discrete mathematics and related disciplines.

At the Department of Mathematics, our goal is to help you making the right decision on your college education. This is one of the most important decisions in your lifetime, because the education you are about to receive will influence almost every aspect of your life in the future. Take your time, research about several institutions, and then make your choice.

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