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Brandon Watson

Doctoral Instructional Assistant

Office: Derrick 218
Phone: 512.245.4746

I began my mathematics degree at the University of North Texas. While there I had the pleasure of taking classes with a variety of professors all interested in differing fields with their own take on teaching as well as mathematics as a whole. While at UNT, I dived deepest into our Real Analysis courses and Statistics/Probability courses. However, I did take Abstract Algebra and Topology as well. After three years, I finished at UNT with the honor of Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's of Science in mathematics.

Naturally, an interest of mine is the field of mathematics. I seek to dwell deeper into its uses and its origin. With that, I would wish to solve serious problems and further mature the field. In addition, I love involving others with this passion of mathematics and want to inspire others to see its beauty. It was first obvious to me that teaching mathematics was definitely a path I wanted to follow from tutoring in the UNT Math Lab which further extended into becoming an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant. The experience from UNT was invaluable in defining my passion and direction which I will keep furthering with the Texas State Mathematics Department.

I enjoy math because it is an ever evolving structure built off of simple ideas anyone could understand. From these ideas, complex problems are solved and further knowledge is constantly derived. In mathematics, knowing only the basics means you know it all given time.