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Josephine Reynes


Graduate Instructional Assistant

Office: MCS 454
Phone: 512.245.6925

I graduated with a bachelors in mathematics from Texas State University in May 2019. As an undergraduate I conducted research into Oriented Hypergraphs and wrote an undergraduate thesis titled Total Minor Polynomials of Oriented Hypergraphs. I also worked as an Undergraduate Instructional Assistant for two years teaching pre-calculus, calculus I, and calculus II labs. As a graduate student I will continue to pursue research into hypergraph theory, through the use of linear algebra, combinatorics, and matroid theory.

I enjoy mathematics because it is about problem solving, creative thinking, and exploration. There are multiple ways to solve any problem and each solution is valid and interesting. Mathematics is also challenging and requires patience, persistence, and thought. The reason I enjoy mathematics the most, if because of how beautiful it is. Math is everywhere and by doing mathematics I feel like I am interacting with the fabric of the universe.