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James Mendoza

Doctoral Instructional Assistant

Office: Derrick 209
Phone: 512.245.4751

I earned my undergraduate degree with an emphasis in communication design and master's degree with an emphasis in math education from Texas State. San Marcos is my hometown, and my wife and I enjoy raising our 7 kids in this amazing city. As part of the Math Education Ph.D. program, I hope to explore strategies that can improve the critical thinking skills of students when solving problems in and outside of the classroom. I also hope to establish within them a more precise language when discussing mathematical concepts.
I enjoy math because it is both challenging and fun. Due to its challenging nature, many individuals form a disinterest toward the subject. I find that situation to be an opportunity to step in and try to show these individuals that math does not have to be something we hate. On the contrary, it can be useful. It gives me great joy to hear someone say that my explanations about math have helped them better understand the subject and that they now enjoy it.