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Natalie Gomez

Graduate Instructional Assistant

Office: MCS 454
Phone:  512.245.6925

I earned a BS in Mathematics with a minor in Psychology at Texas State. I plan on earning a MS in Mathematics with a Statistics concentration. In the summer of 2019, I participated in a research program at the Rochester Institute of Technology studying Graph Theory. I’m from El Paso and I’m proud to call San Marcos home. My favorite thing to do is go to Canyon Lake with my family.

I enjoy math because it is a challenging and rewarding subject. Facing a problem that has no clear start and overcoming that problem is a great feeling. I am constantly presented with challenges in this subject and the attempts to overcome them are what makes it fun and enticing. There are many times where the answer may be wrong, but when I get the chance to work at it and collaborate with peers to get the correct answer, it is a very rewarding feeling.