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Stewart Welsh


Office: MCS 483
Phone: 512.245.3426
Research Interests
Bifurcation Theory
Differential Equations

Professor Welsh received his Ph.D. from University of Glasgow, Scotland in 1985. Currently, Dr. Welsh has been studying sufficient conditions to ensure that the equation F(x, z) = 0, where F: X * R^n --> Y (X, Y are Banach spaces), possesses bifurcation points. More specifically, if F(0, z) = 0, for all z in R^n, then what conditions need to be imposed upon F and the underlying spaces X and Y, in order to guarantee that a branch of nontrivial solutions (F(x,z) = 0, x not zero, Z in R^n) emanates continuously from the so-called trivial solution (0, z0), where z in R^n?