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Abby Train


Office: Elliott B318
Phone: 512.245.4011
Research Interest

My education and experience is broad. My undergraduate degree was in data processing and analysis, now called computer information systems. I worked for quite a few years in IT, culminating in managing software development teams for multinational companies. While well-compensated, I found the work intellectually lacking. I completed a master's degree in pure mathematics and quite a lot of coursework in biostatistics. My doctoral degree is in economic development, with a minor in statistics.

For the last twelve years, I have been a lecturer and have had a tremendous amount of administrative and data analysis responsibilities. I am looking forward to focusing on my love of teaching now.

I have been involved in research in economic development and math education. I am in the middle of a research project with a collaborator who has transitioned from topology to math ed research.  Finally, I am thrilled to return to Texas to be closer to my family.

I enjoy math because math explains everything and is beautiful to think about and use.