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Robert Sigley

Assistant Professor
Office: MCS 460
Phone: 512.245.8018
Research Interest


Dr. Sigley received his PhD in Education (concentration in mathematics education) and a MS in Statistics from Rutgers University. He has also developed and led professional development sessions based on the Japanese lesson study for teachers throughout New York, New Jersey, and Texas. Dr. Sigley's current research focuses on the design of learning environments, particularly those that help pre and in-service teachers attend to students' mathematical reasoning and justifications while the students engage in open-ended problem solving. In his research and professional development, he heavily leverages the use of video data. Other areas of interest are in student development of concepts in statistics (particularly data literacy with dynamic displays), calculus based probability courses, and integrating research into his teaching.

He currently is working on several projects related to the topics above. If any of these topics interest you send him an email!