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Piyush Shroff

Senior Lecturer
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Office: Derrick 311
Phone: 512.245.1931
Research Interest:
Cohomology of algebras, Deformation theory, Hopf algebras, Graph and Hypergraph


  1. Ph.D. Texas A&M University, 2012
  2. M.S. University of Pune, 2007
  3. B.S. MES Abasaheb Garware College, 2005

I am interested in cohomology of algebras, deformation theory and Hopf algebras. In particular, I study finite generation of cohomology of algebras. The property of being finitely generated is very important because it is much easier to understand a finitely generated algebra. A finitely generated commutative algebra is useful for geometric study via algebraic geometry.

I am interested in studying deformation theory of algebras & modules, and Hopf algebras. Recently, I started to work in the area of graphs and hypergraphs.