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Lew, Kristen

Contact Information
Kristen Lew, PhD.
Assistant Professor
Office: MCS 458
Phone: 512.245.3738
Research Interests
Undergraduate Mathematics Education, Mathematical Language/Communication, Proof and reasoning, Proof comprehension


Dr. Kristen Lew received her PhD in Mathematics Education at Rutgers University in 2016. After completing her PhD, Dr. Lew spend a year as a postdoctoral associate at Arizona State University. Her research interests focuses on better understanding the communicative aspect of mathematical proofs: how mathematicians present proofs and how students understand and implement the language of mathematical proof writing.

Selected Publications:

  • Lew, K., Meja-Ramos, J.P. (Accepted). Linguistic conventions of mathematical proof writing at the undergraduate level: Mathematicians' and students' perspectives. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education.
  • Weber, K., Lew, K., Meja-Ramos, J.P (Accepted). Using expectancy value theory to account for students' mathematical justifications. Cognition and Instruction.
  • Lew, K. & Zazkis, D. (Accepted). Undergraduate mathematics students' at-home exploration of a prove-or-disprove task. The Journal of Mathematical Behavior.
  • Meja-Ramos, J.P., Lew, K., de la Torre, J., Weber, K. (2017). Developing and validating proof comprehension tests in undergraduate mathematics. Research in Mathematics Education, 19(2), 130-146.
  • Weber, K., Fukawa-Connelly, T. P., Meja-Ramos, J.P., Lew, K. (2016). How to help students understand lectures in advanced mathematics. Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 63(10), 1190-1193.
  • Lew, K., Fukawa-Connelly, T., Meja-Ramos, J.P., Weber, K. (2016). Lectures in advanced mathematics: Why students might not understand what the professor is trying to convey. Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, 47(2), 162-198.


Current projects-grants:

  • Mathematicians' Evaluations of Undergraduate Students' Proofs. $8,000. Kristen Lew, Principal Investigator, Research Enhancement Program, Texas State University. (2018-2019)
  • Investigating the Language of Undergraduate Proof Writing
  • Understanding Mathematical Maturity
  • Identifying Metaphors Mathematicians Use to Describe Mathematical Practice