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Master's students defend their theses

Congratulations to 8 of our master’s students who successfully defended their theses during the Spring and Summer 2018 semesters:


  • Esther Conrad M.S. Applied Mathematics “Zero Forcing in Graphs and Digraphs”
  • Henry Ickes M.S. Mathematics “A Solid Object Floating in a Bath of Three Fluids”
  • Nathan Jones M.S. Mathematics “Orbit Sizes and the Dihedral Group of Order Eight”
  • Joshua Rice M.S. Mathematics “Bounding the Index of a Normal Subgroup with a Large Class Size”
  • Robert Salit M.S. Applied Mathematics “Fast Solver for Discrete Systems Arising from Expanded Mixed Finite Element Methods”
  • Martin Schmidt M.S. Applied Mathematics “Kernel Density Estimation of Survival Functions of STD Data with Diary Information”


  • Erika Gallo M.S. Applied Mathematics “Numerical Approach to Energy Minimization of Fluid Configurations Using Phase-Field Models”
  • Robert McAlmon M.S. Mathematics “Bruhat Order and Coxeter Hyperplane Arrangements”
masters thesis
L - R: James Douthitt, Dr. Julio Dix, Dr. Young Ju Lee, Josh Rice, Henry Ickes, Esther Conrad, Dr. Ray Treinen, Ryan Zamora, Robert Salit
Robert McAlmon - August 2018