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New tenure faculty

Congratulations to two math faculty members promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and elected to tenure.

Shuying Sun

Dr. Sun received her Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Toronto in Canada.  Dr. Sun's research focuses on addressing challenging genetic and epigenetic questions using statistical and computational methods. She has collaborated with biomedical researchers from different research groups in Canada and the United States on projects related to complex diseases (e.g., cancer and arthritis). She has also been developing statistical methodologies and software packages for genomic problems using Bayesian methods, hidden Markov models, Markov Chain Monte Carlo algorithms, and linear models.

Raymond Treinen

Dr. Treinen received his Ph.D. from Wichita State University in 2004.  He has been working on fluid mechanics and fluid dynamics problems, primarily studying the equilibrium state of fluids.  The methods applied to these problems are somewhat diverse: techniques from partial and ordinary differential equations including free boundary regularity, numerical analysis, geometric measure theory, and the calculus of variations.