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Awards Day


Awards 2018

April 6


Pi Mu Epsilon  (Texas Rho Chapter)

President: Christina Koehne
Vice President: Esther Conrad
Secretary: Ashraf Demian
Treasurer: Joshua Rice
Historian: Nathan Jones
Student Co-Advisor: Joni Lindsey
Chapter Sponsors: Dr. Piyush Shroff and Dr. David Snyder

2017-2018 Inductees

  • Christine Millard
  • Josephine Reynes
  • Trinity Vassberg

Math Club

Fall 2017—Spring 2018 Officers

President: Hannah Brown
Vice President: Amanda Cagle
Secretary: Diana Vu
Treasurer: Rodrigo Lozano
Faculty Advisors: Dr. David Snyder and Dr. Lucas Rusnak

Putnam Mathematical Competition Team

  • Hannah Brown
  • Amanda Cagle
  • Jordan Goble
  • Blake Hillier
  • Rodrigo Lozano
  • Ty O’Brien
  • Michael Racz
  • Josephine Reynes
  • Isaiah Silaski
  • Aaron Smothers
  • Diana Vu

Talk Math 2 Me

Awarded to the students who presented the best research, math history, and/or interesting math ideas in front of an audience of their peers.

  • Top Undergraduate Presentation—Isaiah Silaski for “Riemann Surfaces with a View Towards Hodge Theory”
  • Top Graduate Presentation—Esther Conrad for “Graph Theory: Zero Forcing and Power Domination”

The Houston Louis Stokes Alliance For Minority Participation (H-LSAMP)

Now in its 19th year, the mission of the H-LSAMP Scholars Program is to cultivate undergraduate student talent in STEM. H-LSAMP strives to increase both the quality and diversity of our national STEM workforce and the number of underrepresented and minority students who graduate with baccalaureate degrees in STEM.

  • Keondre Parker
  • Isaac Rodriguez

Undergraduate Recognition for Academic Distinction

Augustus Arbogast

Psalm Baradi

Monique Bebley

Sedric Bostic

Amanda Cagle

Giovanna Chavez Jimenez

Marcus Cisneros

Keagan Dennis

Michael Flores

Elena Garcia

Tianna Glover

Natalie Gomez

Eamonn Kent

Robert Krohn

Madison Kuyawa

Casey Markham-William

Osvaldo Marquez Rubio

Eusebio Mata

Sam McClosky

Taylor McGee

Christine Millard

Rebekah Murrell

Ashley Myer

Ty O’Brien

Hailey Pardy

Kelly Poore

Laura Rice

Brittany Rister

Ethan Roberts

Miriam Sanders

Drew Schmidt

Yesenia Serna

Jennifer Thompson

Andrew Tkacs

Santiago Torres

Alan Turner

Diana Vu

Mallori White

Elizabeth Wrightsman


Undergraduate Recognition for Academic Achievement

Andrea Adams

Nikya Allen

Andrew Arroyo

Lora Blanco

Jade Carty

Alexandra Farrar

Gustavo Flores

Jordan Goble

Shervin Hawley

Lindsey Malchoff

Anastacio Monsivais

Dennis Myers

Michelle Nguyen

Samuel Olivarez

Keondre Parker

Kenneth Raney

Cloe Rape

Rylee Taylor

Benjamin Whitsett


Undergraduate Recognition for Academic Excellence

Keven Altenhoff

Constance Angeley

Michael Baum

Hayley Boynton

Hannah Brown

Garrett Faber

Kacie Fenton

Erika Franco

Alfredo Garcia

Elizabeth Geisinger

Jacob Gibson

Tyler Hansen

Blake Hillier

Hayden Isler

Mark Kennedy

Kevin Leinneweber

Patrick Massey

Cameron McDavitt

Nicholas Montana

Sanora Owens

Abigail Polmanteer

Jacob Ramseyer

Josephine Reynes

Rhys Roberts

Calvin Ross

Casey Schlortt

Kevin Sears

Isaiah Silaski

Kiley Smith

Taylor Soliz

Evan Spake

Zachary Stence

Erik Thorsteinsson

Brianne Tufuga

Trinity Vassberg


Recognition for Academic Excellence at the Master’s Level

Esther Conrad

Megan Fairchild

Erika Gallo

Henry Ickes

Nathan Jones

James Mendoza

Sierra Pedroza

Charles Patrick Reich

Joshua Rice

Martin Schmidt

Mario Yepes Lopez


Recognition for Academic Excellence at the Doctoral Level

Nichole A. Armand

Sonalee Bhattacharyya

Xiaowen Cui

Joshua Fagan

Layla Guyot

Michael Hicks

Christina Koehne

Joni Lindsey

Elaine Purvinis

Teresa Salazar

Zhaochen Song

Monica Sustaita

Brittany Webre


Graduate Student Award for Outstanding Achievement

This award at the Master’s level is presented to a graduate mathematics major who has the highest grade point average (using only 5000 level mathematics courses) of those students who have completed at least 24 graduate mathematics hours toward their degree.

Nathan Jones

This award at the Doctoral level is presented to a graduate mathematics major who has the highest grade point average (using only 7000 level mathematics courses) of those students who have completed at least 36 graduate mathematics hours and have passed all qualifying exams toward their degree.

Teresa Salazar

Awards and Scholarships

R.H. Bing Award

This award is presented to undergraduate mathematics majors on the basis of academic merit, leadership, and intellectual promise.

  • Hannah Brown
  • Laura Rice

Robert and Brita Northcutt Scholarship

Recipients are selected from applicants who are full-time Texas State students majoring in mathematics, with a Texas State grade point average of at least 3.0. Students may receive this scholarship multiple times.

  • Ethan R. Roberts
  • Anthony A. Tucci

Don and Helen Cude Scholarship

This scholarship is presented to undergraduates that have not previously received an award from this endowment with priority for selection to those seeking teacher certification.

  • Kacie Fenton
  • Marissa Ochoa

Ram Lal Seekri Endowed Scholarship

Distribution from the Ram Lal Seekri endowment shall be used to award scholarships to deserving students enrolled at Texas State University in the Department of Mathematics that have a financial need. Awardees are selected by the Scholarship Committee.

  • Abigail Polmanteer

Lynn Tulloch Math Scholarship

Recipients are selected from applicants that are undergraduates pursuing Teaching Certification, with preference given to athletes.

  • Taylor J. Soliz

Ross and Sarah Wayment Endowed Scholarship

Recipients are selected from applicants at all levels. Preference will be given to students who have not received other scholarships or grant awards of $1,000 or more per long semester by mid-April. Students may receive this scholarship multiple times.

  • Ethan O’Dell
  • Josephine Reynes
  • Casey Schlortt
  • Evan Spake
  • Monica Sustaita
  • Erik Thorsteinsson