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White, Alexander

Contact Information
Alexander White, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Office: MCS 573
Phone: 512.245.3429
Research Interests
Statistics Education
Visualization of Functions
Middle School Mathematics
Technology for Teaching

Alexander White has a Ph.D. in Statistics from Michigan State University, is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and has interests in Mathematics and Statistics Education. He is currently the Advisor for the doctoral program in Mathematics Education, Vice-Chair of the Faculty Senate and Liaison to doctoral program in Developmental Education. 

Dr. White has worked as a consultant in test development, sample selection and evaluation for a number of organizations including the Honduran Unit for the Measurement of Educational Quality. He collaborates with Texas Mathworks, a center for mathematics education at Texas State University on curriculum development and professional development.  He recently co-authored a new middle school mathematics curriculum, Math Explorations.

Dr. White has research interests in mathematics education, and statistics. In mathematics education he has authored several papers concerning the ability of students entering calculus to visualize functions and work with graphs. His has published several articles from a NSF-funded project on using Dynamic Geometry to teach high school.  He has worked on application of statistical models to assessment of educational systems in Central America.

Selected Publications:

  • McBroom, E.S., White, A., Jiang, Z., Sorto, M.A., Dickey, E. (2016). Dynamic Approach to Teaching Geometry: A Study of Teachers' TPACK Development. Handbook of Research on Transforming Mathematics Teacher Education in the Digital Age. Reston, Va.: NCTM.

  • Safi, S., White, A. (2017). Short and Long-Term Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks for Stick Prices in Palestine: A Comparative Study. Electronic Journal of Applied Statistical Analysis.

  • Safi, S., White, A. (2016). The Efficiency of Artificial Neural Networks for Forecasting in the Presence of Autocorrelated Disturbances. International Journal of Statistics and Probability, 5.

  • Hurdle, Z., Warshauer, M., White, A. (2016). The Place and Purpose of Combinatorics. Mathematics Teacher, 110(3), 216-221.

  • White, A., Jiang, Z., Sorto, M. A. (in press). The Effect of Dynamic Geometry Approach on Achievement and Conjecture Ability. Paper presented at 13th International Congress of Mathematical Education, Hamburg, Germany, July 2016