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Nankervis, Bryan

Contact Information
Bryan Nankervis, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer

Office: Swinney Guest House 105
Phone: 512.245.4022

Research Interest
High school to college transition, equity issues, teacher professional development, technology in the classroom.


Dr. Nankervis received his Ph.D. in mathematics education from the University of Texas at Austin in 2006. He is currently researching inequities associated with the SAT and PSAT which result in the under-representation of females and minorities at the post-secondary level and in the awarding of scholarships.

Technology Conferences:

  • International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (1995)
  • International Teachers Teaching with Technology Conference (1998,2000)

Selected Publications:

  • Nankervis, B. (2014). Economic-Based Affirmative Action in College Admission. Journal of College Admission, 225, 6-10.
  • Nankervis, B. (2013). Gender Inequity in the National Merit Scholarship Program. Journal of College Admission,219, 20-25 .
  • Nankervis, B. (2011). Gender Inequities in University Admissions Due to the Differential Validity of the SAT. Journal of College Admission, 213, 24-30.
  • Nankervis, B. (2009). Sex Differences in Performance on the SAT I Quantitative Section.Psychology of Mathematics Education-North America Conference, Atlanta, Ga.
  • Nankervis, B. (2008). Building a Foundation for Algebra: How Fluency with Rational Numbers and Proportionality is Key to Achievement. MAA Joint Meetings, San Diego, Ca.
  • Nankervis, B. (2007). Predicting Sex Differences in Performance on the SAT-I Quantitative Section: How Content and Stereotype Threat Affect Achievement. UMI Publishing, 2007.