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Morey, Susan

Contact Information
Susan Morey, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Professor

Office: MCS 470
Phone: 512.245.3555
Research Interest
Commutative Algebra

Dr. Morey received her Ph.D. from Rutgers University in 1995. Her research includes the study of Rees algebras and Combinatorial Commutative Algebra, particularly the study of edge ideals. She is particularly interested in properties of powers of ideals, including associated primes and depths. In particular, recent work has been focused on monomial ideals, which are then represented as graphs, simplicial complexes, or matrices (often unimodular) depending on the situation. Algebraic questions are then answered using these structures.

Selected Publications:

  • D. Campos,R. Gunderson, S. Morey, C. Paulsen,T. Polstra, Depths and Stanley depths of path ideals of spines. Involve 9 (2016), no. 1, 155–170.
  • L. Fouli, S. Morey, A Lower Bound for Depths of Powers of Edge Ideals, J Algebr Comb 42 (2015), 829-848.
  • D. Campos, R. Gunderson, S. Morey, C. Paulsen, T. Polstra, Depth and Cohen-Macaulay Properties of Path Ideals, J. Pure Appl. Algebra 218 (2014), 1537-1543.
  • L. Fouli, S. Morey, Minimal reductions and cores of edge ideals, J. Algebra 364 (2012), 52–66.
  • S. Morey, R.H. Villarreal, Edge Ideals: Algebraic and Combinatorial Properties, Progress in Commutative Algebra 1, (2012), 85–126, de Gruyter, Berlin.
  • J. Martinez-Bernal, S. Morey, R.H. Villarreal, Associated Primes of Powers of Edge Ideals, Collectanea Mathematics, 63, (2012), 361-374.
  • S. Morey, R.H. Villarreal, Edge Ideals: Algebraic and Combinatorial Properties, to appear: "Progress in Commutative Algebra: Ring Theory, Homology, and Decomposition." Publisher: de Gruyter.
  • S. Morey, Depths of Powers of the Edge Ideal of a Tree, Communications in Algebra 38, (2010) 4042-4055.
  • H.T. Ha, S. Morey, Embedded Associated Primes of Powers of Square-free Monomial Ideals, J. Pure and Applied Algebra 214, (2010), 301-308.
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