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Juett, Jason

Contact Information
Jason Juett, Ph.D.
Curriculum Vitae

Office: Derrick 304
Phone: 512.245.4756
Research Interest
Commutative Algebra

Dr. Juett received his PhD from the University of Iowa in 2013. His research includes various topics related to commutative algebra, especially those that deal with commutative rings, factorization, ideal theory, or stable rank.

Selected Publications:

  • Spectral partially ordered sets, Comm. Algebra, to appear.

  • Module cancellation properties, with D.D. Anderson and C.P. Mooney, J. Algebra Appl., 17 (59 pp.), 2018.

  • Strongly stable rank and applications to matrix completion, with J.L. Williams, Comm. Algebra 45:3967-3985, 2017.

  • Length functions in commutative rings with zero divisors, with D.D. Anderson, Comm. Algebra 45:1584-1600, 2017.

  • Long length functions, with D.D. Anderson, J. Algebra 426:327-343, 2015

  • Two counterexamples in abstract factorization, Rocky Mountain J. Math 44:139-155, 2014

  • Division chains and quasi-Euclidean rings, with D.D. Anderson, Revue Roumaine de Mathematique Pures et Appliques, 58:417-435, 2013

  • Stable range and almost stable range, with D.D. Anderson, J. Pure Appl. Algebra, 216:20942097, 2012

  • Generalized comaximal factorization of ideals, J. Algebra, 352:141-166, 2012

  • Spectral partially ordered sets (submitted)

  • Module cancellation properties, with D.D. Anderson and C.P. Mooney (submitted)

Current Projects/Grants:

Papers currently in preparation:

  • Factorization and irreducibility in modules (in preparation).
  • U-factorization of ideals, with C.P. Mooney (submitted).
  • Factorization of ideals, with D.D. Anderson and C.P. Mooney (submitted).