Jia, Xinde

Contact Information
Xingde Jia, Ph.D.

Office: MCS 466
Email: jia@txstate.edu
Phone: 512-245-3445
Fax: 512-245-3425
Research Interest
Combinatorial Number Theory, Graph Theory, and Theoretical Computer Science.

Professor Jia received his Ph.D. from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in 1990. Currently, Professor Jia's research interests include: combinatorial number theory, graph theory, and computer network designs. Recently, he has been working on domination problems in graph theory and the routing problems in wireless networks.

Selected Publications:

  • On wide diameter of Cayley digraphs, Proceedings of ISPAN 2008, May 7-9, 2008, Sydney, Australia.
  • Energy Balancing Routing Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks Connected as Grids, Proceedings of the International Conference on Wireless Algorithms, Systems and Applications (WASA), August 2007, 19-25. (with Xiao Chen)
  • Some Detectability Issues in Sensor Networks, Chapter 3 in Sensor and Ad-Hoc Networks: Theoretical and Algorithmic Aspects, Springer, (to appear). (With W. Peng and E. D. Reeves).
  • Extremal Cayley graphs of finite cyclic groups, to appear in Journal of Interconnection Networks, (joint with Joseph Lee and Elysia Sheu)
  • On a flow-related domination problem, Congressus Numerantium, 186(2007), 41-48.
  • On a traffic sensing problem, preprint, 2005. (joint with Weizhen Gu)
  • On random points in the unit disk, Random Algorithm and Structures, 29(2006), 14\u201325. (joint with Robert Ellis and Catherine Huafei Yan)
  • On a network sensing problem, Journal of Interconnection Networks, 7 (2006), 63\u201373. (joint with Weizhen Gu and D. Frank Hsu)
  • Chords in graphs, Austrialasia J. Combinatorics, 32(2005), 117\u2013124. (joint with Weizhen Gu and Haidong Wu)
  • On a traffic control problem, Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on Parallel Architectures,Algorithms and Networks 2005, 510-515. (Joint with Weizhen Gu)
  • Additive bases and extremal problems in groups, graphs, and networks, Utilitas Mathematica, 66(2004), 61\u201391. (joint with D. Frank Hsu)
  • Wireless Networks and Random Geometric Graphs, Proceedings of the Eighth International Symposium on Parallel Architectures,Algorithms and Networks 2004: 575\u2013580.
  • Prefix Routing in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks of Mobile Stations, Proceedings of the ISCA 15th International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing Systems (PDCS-2002), 66\u201371, Louisville, Kentucky, September 2002. (Joint with Xiao Chen and Jie Wu)
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