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Czocher, Jennifer


Contact Information
Jennifer Czocher, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Office: MCS 459
Phone: 512.245.3414
Research Interests:
Mathematical Modeling, Mathematical and Statistical Literacy, Student Thinking, Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education (RUME), STEM Education

Dr. Jennifer Czocher received her Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in Mathematics Education in 2013. Her research interests include students’ mathematical thinking and cognition, research in undergraduate mathematics education (RUME), the impact of mathematical modeling tasks on students’ mathematical thinking, and how mathematical reasoning supports STEM education. She is currently studying how individuals learn to use mathematics as a representational system and the role teacher questioning may have in helping individuals coordinate their mathematical and non-mathematical knowledge. 

Selected Publications:

  • Czocher, J. A. and Moss, D. L (forthcoming). Are students’ prior experiences important? Mathematics Teacher, 111(9), 664-660.

  • Czocher, J. A. and Moss, D. L (2017). Ancient paradoxes can extend mathematical thinking. Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, 22(7), 438-442.

  • Czocher, J. A. (2017). How can emphasizing mathematical modeling principles benefit students in a traditionally taught differential equations course? The Journal of Mathematical Behavior 45, 1-17.

  • Czocher, J. A. (2017). Mathematical modeling cycles as a task design heuristic. The Mathematics Enthusiast, 14(1-3), 129-144.

  • Czocher, J. A. (2016). Introducing modeling transition diagrams as a tool to connect mathematical modeling to mathematical thinking. Mathematical Thinking and Learning, 18(2), 77 – 106.

  • Tague, J. and Czocher, J. A. (2016). A theoretical approach to ensuring instructional and curricular coherence in the flipped classroom model of a differential equations course. International Journal of Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, 2. 223 – 245.

  • Czocher, J. A., Tague, J., and Baker, G. (2013). Where does the calculus go? An investigation of how calculus ideas are used in later coursework. The International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology, 44(5). 673 – 684.

  • Manouchehri, A, Czocher, J., Liu, Y., Zhang, P., Somayajulu, R., & Tague, J. (2013). Fostering mathematical competence through technology-enhanced interactive environments. In D. Polly (Ed.) Common Core Mathematics Standards and Implementing Digital Technologies. P. 53 – 77.

  • Tague, J., Czocher, J. A., and Baker, G. (2013). Mathematical literacy for engineering majors. In W. Aung, V. Ilic, O. Mertanen, J. Moscinski, & J. Uhomoibhi (Eds.). World Innovations in Engineering Education and Research. (p. 21 – 29).

  • Czocher, J. A. & Baker, G. (2011). Contextual learning in math education for engineers. In W. Aung, J. Moscinski, J. Uhomoibhi, & W.-C. Wang (Eds.) World Innovations in Engineering Education and Research.