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Accuplacer Placement Exam

There are 20 questions on the College-Level Mathematics portion of the Accuplacer test. The College-Level Mathematics test assesses from intermediate algebra through precalculus.

  • Algebraic operations includes simplifying rational algebraic expressions, factoring, expanding polynomials, and manipulating roots and exponents.
  • Solutions of equations and inequalities includes the solution of linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, equation systems and other algebraic equations.
  • Coordinate geometry includes plane geometry, the coordinate plane, straight lines, conics, sets of points in the plane, and graphs of algebraic functions.
  • Applications and other algebra topics ask about complex numbers, series and sequences, determinants, permutations and combinations, fractions, and word problems.
  • The last category, functions and trigonometry, presents questions about polynomials, algebraic, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions.

Source: The College Board, (2012). http://www.collegeboard.com/student/testing/accuplacer/accuplacer-tests.html

Time Limits:

The Accuplacer test is untimed. However, you should allow one hour for each subtest needed. For math placement, you will need both the Elementary Algebra and College Math subtests. If you do not know how many subtests you need to satisfy your TSI requirements, please call the university TSIP office at (512) 245-3942.

For information on when you can take the Accuplacer exam at Texas State University-San Marcos, please go to Testing Lab Hours.

Use of Accuplacer Exam for Math Placement at Texas State University-San Marcos:

For Math Placement, two subtests are required: Elementary Algebra and College Math. Math placement will be determined as follows:

Placement Level

Elementary Algebra Subscore College Math Subscore
1300 <59  
1311 59 or higher  
1315, 1316, 1319   63
1317, 1329, 2417   86
2471   103

Source: www.txstate.edu/trec/studentTesting/placementandReadiness/accuplacer

For more information about the Accuplacer examination from The College Board, the non-profit organization that designs and maintains the Accuplacer test, please visit the following website: College Board

How Can I Prepare for the Accuplacer Test?

Accuplacer test scores are important because they will determine your placement in the first classes you take. If you do well on Accuplacer tests, you might be able to skip over preparatory courses that will review information you're already familiar.
You can prepare for Accuplacer tests by completing self-assessment modules online. This will help you to determine which topics you should review before test day. You can also prepare by exploring practice Accuplacer test questions (found in the next section).

If you want, you can review sample questions such as those found in the following link: Sample Math Questions
Other resources containing information regarding testing taking tips: Tips for Taking ACCUPLACER

Resources Available for the Mathematics Portion of the Accuplacer test:

There are many resources available to the student that will better prepared the student for Accuplacer test. Listed below are some of the resources, including online practice tests, websites offering assistance/tutoring for math, books, online videos, mobile phone apps, and flashcards.

Online practice tests:

Websites offer students assistance on various mathematics problems:

Sample of books on the Accuplacer examination:

Accuplacer secrets

  • ACCUPLACER Exam Secrets Study Guide
  • Bob Miller's Math for the Accuplacer by Bob Miller (2009)
  • College Placement Test Study Guide: With Practice Questions and Solutions by Academic Success Media (2011)

Online video instruction for mathematics problems:

Mobile Phone & Tablet Apps:

Accuplacer Mobile App



Last Updated: 07-03-2012