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Program Faculty

Jennifer Czocher Dr. Czocher's research interests include students’ mathematical thinking and cognition, research in undergraduate mathematics education (RUME), the impact of mathematical modeling tasks on students’ mathematical thinking, and how mathematical reasoning supports STEM education.
Sharon Gronberg Dr. Gronberg received her Ph.D. from University of Texas at Austin.
Terence McCabe Dr. McCabe received his Ph.D. in Mathematics from University of North Texas in 1988.
Kate Melhuish Dr. Melhuish's research focuses on measuring student onceptions in group theory and supporting and analyzing how in-service teachers think and promote mathematical practices.
Bikai Nie Dr. Nie's research interests include the preparation for pre-service math teachers, professional development for in-service mathematics teachers, mathematics curricula for K-16, problem solving, problem posing, and quantitative methods in mathematics education research.
Samuel Obara Dr. Obara's research focuses on curriculum reform, professional development, teacher collaboration, reflection in teacher development, teacher knowledge, and teacher beliefs and practices and also in the area of mathematical modeling.
Jessica Pierson-Bishop Dr. Bishop's research interests are in two main areas: research on mathematics classroom discourse and research investigating children's mathematical thinking. She uses both qualitative and quantitative approaches to identify patters in teacher-student and student-student discourse to better understand how discourse influences mathematics learning and the development of positive mathematics identities.
Robert Sigley Dr. Sigley received his Ph.D. from Rutgers University nad has worked on several NSF-funded projects that involved studying students as they worked on tasks that provided opportunity for reinvention of their mathematical ideas through exploration and refinement of earlier ideas.
M. Alejandra Sorto Dr. Sorto's research focuses on the preparation of teachers in the area of Statistics, the impact of professional development, and comparative studies in Latin-America and Africa. In particular, she is interested in developing instruments to measure content knowledge for teaching, teaching quality and analyzing its effect on student achievement.
Sharon Strickland Dr. Strickland's research seeks to better understand and strengthen the curricular/pedagogical experiences and opportunities of students in undergraduate mathematics, especially those that seek to become teachers and/or mathematics majors.
Hiroko Warshauer Dr. Warshauer's research interests include areas of teaching and learning that foster productive struggle and investigation of professional teacher noticing of student thinking at pre-service and in-service levels.
Max Warshauer Dr. Warshauer is building programs to teach young students mathematics and is involved with research about new curriculum and how to teach mathematics effectively.
Thersa Westbrook Mathematics education, Developmental mathematics
Alex White Dr. White has research interests in mathematics education, and statistics and has authored several papers concerning the ability of students entering calculus to visualize functions and work with graphs.