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National Conference of Teachers of Mathematics 2017

Texas State University at NCTM

B. Webre, E. Akbuga, L. Guyot, M.A. Sorto, Z. Song

The National Conference of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) recently hosted its Annual Meeting and Research Conference in San Antonio, Texas ( NCTM’s Annual Meeting and Research Conference are premier mathematics education conferences that support mathematics educators to share new and innovating research, network with peers, exchange ideas, and to transform mathematics classrooms in ways that drive student success. Faculty member and newly-elected board member for the Mathematics Education Trust of NCTM, Dr. Alejandra Sorto, explained the importance of NCTM: “Our organization provides members, institutions, and researchers with the vision of the teaching and learning of mathematics for our nation by providing opportunities to share our scholarship and creating educational resources that shape state policies that ultimately impact our students.”

Texas State had a strong presence this year at NCTM. Our faculty and students made six presentations involving nine current (or former) graduate students and five faculty members. Collectively, the presentations considered a variety of topics related to teaching and addressed both practicing and preservice teachers. The research shared at NCTM was wide-ranging and considered several key instructional practices including engaging students in justifying and generalizing, supporting students’ productive mathematical struggle, responding to students’ mathematical ideas, and leveraging linguistic resources in bilingual classrooms. In addition to making research presentations, faculty and students also facilitated workshops for practicing teachers. Dr. Alejandra Sorto organized and facilitated two new events for NCTM as part of the organization’s commitment to equity and access. Dr. Sorto, whose research focuses on English language learners, organized a multilingual session for secondary mathematics teachers and helped to recruit and support local parents to participate in a parent panel.

Zaochen Song & Dr. M. Alejandra Sorto

The list of Texas State presentations/presenters includes:

Effective Teaching Practices in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms
M. Alejandra Sorto, Alexander Rasche, & Brittany Webre

Las Matemáticas en Nuestras Aulas: Bilingual Strategies in Secondary Classrooms
M. Alejandra Sorto, Rachel Bower with Layla Guyot, Enes Akbuga, Zhaochen Song and Brittany Webre

Cultivating Mathematical Affections Through Service Learning
Joshua Wilkerson

Preparing Preservice Teachers to Notice and Support Productive Struggle
Christina Starkey, Christine Herrera, Shawnda Smith, & Hiroko Warshauer

Teacher Conceptions on Justifying and Generalizing in the Classroom
Kate Melhuish & Jodi Fasteen

Classroom Responsiveness Over Time: A Case Study
Jessica Pierson Bishop, Julia Przybyla-Kuchek, & Hamilton Hardison