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Advancement to Candidacy

The Dean of The Graduate College approves advancement to candidacy once all requirements are met. Doctoral students must be advanced to candidacy within five years of initiating Ph.D. course work applied toward the degree. Students need to indicate their intent to advance to candidacy during the term they complete the 60 hours of required course work and other departmental requirements. The student will need to pick up the Advancement to Candidacy Form from the department. The student will need to complete the form and return it to the Doctoral Program Director. The Doctoral Program Director will then submit the completed form to the Dean of The Graduate College for review.

The doctoral candidacy requirements include:

  1. Completion of all required coursework with the exception of dissertation credit hours.
  2. Successful passage of all three qualifying exams.
  3. Successful passage of the comprehensive exam.
  4. Approval of the dissertation proposal.
  5. At least a 3.5 GPA on all doctoral required courses.
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