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Mathematics Education Doctoral Program

Offered through the Department of Mathematics at Texas State, this program has a particular strength in the number of courses required in mathematics to complement courses in the teaching and learning of mathematics: doctoral graduates will have completed a substantial mathematics core in addition to the mathematics education core, thus opening a variety of employment opportunities.

This program is designed for individuals whose career goals will take them into professional leadership roles involving mathematics education within the United States or internationally. Graduates of the program will be prepared for positions as mathematicians or mathematics education faculty in colleges and universities; as decision makers in state or local education agencies; as researchers in think tanks, corporations, or not-for-profit organizations; as high-ranking staff in foundations or international organizations; or decision-makers within a national ministry of education.

Students beginning the program are expected to have an undergraduate degree in mathematics, mathematics education, or a related field. Students, especially those with a degree in a related field other than mathematics or mathematics education, may need to take background leveling courses. This would be decided on a case by case basis by the appropriate advisor and would be articulated at the time of admission.

Educational Goal

The educational objectives of the program in mathematics education are:
  • To develop a well-balanced foundation in mathematics content including in-depth understanding of basic principles.
  • To understand the mathematics needed for our rapidly changing technological society.
  • To link mathematics content to pedagogy for effective teaching that addresses educational needs through the entire P-20 continuum.
  • To understand how to design best and most effective curriculum and ways to deliver this curriculum.
  • To contribute to the knowledge in mathematics education by original research.
  • To produce Ph.D. graduates who can become the leaders in the state and the nation's educational community concerning the teaching of mathematics appropriate for the demands of the 21st century.
  • To produce high-quality teachers of mathematics at all levels. 

Please see information as follows:

For more information, contact The Graduate College, or the Mathematics Ph.D. Advisor:

white Dr. Alexander White
Office: MCS 470 
Phone: 512.245.2551