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Master in Mathematics

Master of science in mathematics

The master of science with a major in mathematics requires a minimum of 24 semester hours plus a thesis or a minimum of 36 hours without a thesis. Non-thesis students who select the degree option with a minor will have a minimum of 27 hours in the major and a minimum of 9 hours in the minor. A student may select a minor or non-minor degree option.

Background requirements
The minimum undergraduate requirements are:

  • Math 3380 Analysis I
  • Math 4307 Modern Algebra
  • Math 4315 Analysis II
  • Math 4330 General Topology
  • 18 hours of elective advanced Mathematics.

These requirements may be reduced if the applicant shows evidence of taking equivalent courses elsewhere. Students are required to make up background courses if they do not have sufficient undergraduate mathematics. This background work must be completed before enrolling in graduate courses.

Core Courses (9 hours): All students are required to take the following courses:

Minor: The minor should be selected from the list of approved minors in the graduate catalog.

Elective Courses: All students are required to choose one of the following options and then select their elective courses accordingly.

Option Math Electives
No thesis and no minor   27 hours
No thesis and a minor 18 hours
Thesis and no minor 15 hours
Thesis and a minor 9 hours

Comprehensive Examination: All students are required to take a three-part written comprehensive exam.